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Agentless Visibility


more known devices


more devices in compliance
Policy-based Segmentation and Enforcement


reduction in network-related breaches


reduction in device-related breaches
Security Automation


more efficient IT staff
*According to an IDC report created after interviewing Forescout customers.
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Disclaimer: This Business Value of Forescout solution document (“Business Value Document”) is to demonstrate the potential financial benefits and cost savings of using a Forescout solution. The information and identified benefits set forth in this Business Value Document are representational only. Actual deployment numbers and cost savings will vary based on a number of other factors which may affect your actual benefits and cost savings.

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"Ease of implementation and support for hybrid environments made Forescout the logical choice. Its value and ROI were clearly superior."
Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture, IT&S Security RWJBarnabas Health
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